乔·科尼利厄斯(Joe Cornelius)的10个问题-又名壁画乔(Mural Mur)

今天,是弗兰基在这里。 最近,我与Mu​​ral Joe联系,以了解他是否愿意为您回答一些问题。 不再是无聊的老问题,而是您真正想知道的关于他的一些问题。 Joe came back to me with the enthusiasm 和gusto, good humour 和generosity that he is renowned for. Take a break from your life for a minute (or 30) 和delve into this revealing 和candid meandering that is the talented 和inspiring "Mural Joe".

Q:  你有没有认真的“啊哈!”您绘画过程中的时刻? 如果是这样,那是什么?

是!我有很多。 我业务中最重要的一封是当我开始收到看过我的YouTube视频的人的感谢邮件。 我意识到,帮助远胜于技能水平。  And helpfulness can be accomplished at any skill level because there are always people trying to get to where you are, 和sometimes the guy who is miles ahead is just too far to give a hand up to the next step. 同样,我也意识到 追求最好就像猴子陷阱。  Once you feel like you have it, It's hard to let go of that trophy long enough to study 和learn anything new. 

Q:  您发现最能超越所有主题的最简单的绘画技术是什么?

混合相反的颜色以获得所需的颜色。 这就像学习阅读。 一旦我能熟练决定如何混合所看的任何颜色,便可以更轻松地快速处理任何给定的内容。

Q:  对于所有想将视觉艺术作为职业的创意者,您有什么建议?

不要自欺欺人。 使昂贵的艺术品变得昂贵的是它很少见。 无论是因为它的名字或天才才华,还是某种使其流行的趋势,您都无法在任何地方找到它。 您可能是那个稀有的艺术家,但我不会一开始就把所有的鸡蛋都放在那个篮子里。 我会仔细看看社区 around you 和identify a need that isn't being filled already, 和see how you can add your creative art to that service.

I was a paint contractor first, then a faux finisher 和muralist when the opportunity came.  That allowed me to easily offer any painting above 和beyond the usual, whenever someone was in the market.  I got better at my craft 和the word gradually spread.  Even though it's not an instant glamorous success story, it worked, It took little talent to start, 和it's reproducible.  知道您产生的实际价值比赚钱更令人满意。

Q:  除了绘画,您最喜欢的5个嗜好是什么?

我弹吉他。 我很好,但不擅长。 I love jamming with friends now 和then when there's time.  实际上,我经常在教堂里演奏敬拜音乐。 这是一个很好的出口。 

我也喜欢滑板。 我真的不熟练。 It's fun to get out 和do it with my son though. He's 10 yrs old 和will pass me up I'm sure.

I love going out camping, hiking, exploring. This mountain town lends itself to outdoor adventure 和recreation really well.  我也是跑步者。我通常喜欢的路线是登上埃尔登山(Mount Elden)的山顶,大约要爬600米。 真的很漂亮。 Again, there are many runners 周围 这里 that are way beyond my ability.  我只是喜欢这样做。

I also love science! That can mean different things but I just like working out my own theories 和research about the way things work.  我目前正在研究一种算法,该算法将告诉计算机如何准确合成真实涂料的混合行为。 我想那与绘画密切相关,但是这让我做了很多痛苦的数学运算。 Ha ha.  所有艺术家都喜欢的东西。

Q:  Have you ever been really tested by a mural, 和why? 您是否像我们其他人一样发脾气?

哦耶! Definitely.  当您查看我的旧作品时,您会看到理解的进步。 那些较早的壁画在很多时候把我踢了。  我花了很长时间在“ NAU壁画”中重新粉刷巨型伐木工人的手臂。 当我正对透视图时,它看起来正确,但随后在图片中确实偏离了视角。 

我在弗拉格斯塔夫医疗中心重涂了很多波。我必须学习每个笔触的值和样式比我想像的重要得多。 再说一次,观点也在欺骗我。 当我陷入黑暗中沮丧的拍摄周期寻求解决方案时,我必须放下画笔并进入研究模式。 由于这些挣扎,我了解到视角随大小而变化,然后能够定义一些规则,使我可以根据观看距离和图片比例确定视角。 我不会在数学上打扰您,但“两半加倍”法则是这场斗争中的瑰宝之一。 在平坦的地面上,您一半的高度(至视线高度)是您从壁画站立的距离的两倍。 同样,每次将与地平线的距离减半时,距离加倍,并且 height and  width are half.  我现在几乎在每幅画中都提到该规则! 

我记得在这画一棵树的绿色 中西部景观。 过了一会儿,我只需要通过猜测就解决了。  直到后来,我才知道还有一种系统的方法可以确定这一点。 所有这些挣扎对我来说意味着更少的钱,但最终,从挑战中获得的学习价值更大。 I encourage artists to form logical questions about their problems 和not rush to a quick fix that is just fortunate rather than additional understanding about the problem.  虽然这绝对意味着要付账单,但这确实很困难。 

哦耶。 And on the subject of tantrums, I have come home in tears, called my wife 和cried (just a little though) 和cursed in my mind 和under my breath (only when alone of course) in anger over jobs that were not going the way I had intended.  It's hard to be a control freak about something 和reach the end of your ability to control it. 

Q:  您最喜欢绘画的主题是吗?

大概是水。 I love the magical look that water can give to a picture 和I associate it with life 和beauty I think.  也许我只是喜欢它,因为在亚利桑那州,这是一种稀缺资源!哈哈。 I also love anatomy in all kinds of creatures but painting real animals 和people just doesn't allow for nearly as much freedom as throwing together a nature scene.  For me, water 和nature is the most relaxing. 

Q:  由于您的教and和/或互联网的存在,您身上发生的最奇妙的事情是什么?

克霍基·迪瓦尼(Chawki Diwani)是来自瑞典的阿拉伯人,来这里学习我的贸易。 他帮助我完成了一个大型壁画项目,同时我还教他绘画方法。 It's always a risk when you invest your energy in a hopeful outcome, which in this case was Chawki going home with valuable skills 和ability to paint.  We had arguments 和many frustrating moments together.  We had cultural differences 和personality conflicts 和also differences of expectation that were not discussed beforehand.  But let me just say that he is one of the most moral 和respectable men that I have known 和that was one of the things that made the conflicts worth having.  He went back to Sweden when the time came 和then after he had told me on the phone that he couldn't paint without me instructing him, I was frustrated 和scolded him saying "you have to paint on your own!".

他做到了...而且,您能想象我看到他寄给我的照片比他在这里时看到的任何画都好得多的事令我感到惊讶。你可以看他拍的视频 这里.


那对我来说可能是最重要的时刻,但是我非常感谢收到我电子邮件的所有感谢。 这些使我的工作值得。

Q:  Tell us about your favourite brushes 和how they became your favorites.

任何人都可以看到,观看我的视频时,我更喜欢带有逐渐变细成类似叶片形状的合成刷毛的平刷。 I like both the angled 和the square cut.  我可以将它们向侧面拉成细线,或者将平坦的侧面拉成宽幅。  I can dab the corner for a small round shape lay down just the corner for a triangle shape. 有 so many different strokes 和patterns I can do with that shape that it's nearly all I use.  There are exceptions 但是,就像我想要远处树木的纹理或矿石时一样。 我通常只是破坏我的最爱,以将其变成我所需要的。

Q:  管理自己成功的艺术实践中最具挑战性的方面是什么?

时间 management!  哦,老兄,我认为自我控制就像是艺术家中的一个坏词。 我不仅在表达情感,而且在表达情感。 discipline to identify what needs to happen in my business 和committing 制定时间表以完成任务。 As an artist I rely so much on inspiration to stay motivated 和so when I don't feel inspired I don't paint as well.  但在非绘画业务如网页的情况下 maintenance, answering emails, organizing job invoices 和expenses....those things don't require the same inspiration in order to get done.  他们只需要承诺。 因此,当我不想做生意中少有启发性的事情时,我总会看到自己变得多么宠爱。

我考虑的事情是非常进步的,例如零售业或建筑承包。 What if those businesses were subject to some one person's mood 和whether he or she felt like going to work?  如果不受此约束,他们将生存。 I know this because in a small town we see many businesses come 和go.  成功的有 一致性一致。 我认为最好从这些行业中吸取教训。

Q:  最后,告诉我们一些关于您的信息:)

我喜欢在夏季吃金枪鱼以作便当。 One of my favorite ways to eat it is mixed with peanut butter, cheddar cheese, mayo, 和seasoned salt.  我的妻子称其为金枪鱼喜悦。 她虽然不敢吃。 但是我告诉你...。我想尝试一下可能会喜欢。

非常感谢Joe进行的精彩而激动人心的采访:) 您可以在他的网站上了解Mural Joe的教::


或者在他的YouTube频道上 这里.



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